iBartNow - BART application for Android and Blackberry

The iBartNow for Blackberry will help you find the train departure information from any station within the BART system. It's great for commuting, especially when you are trying to catch a train and not exactly sure when it should arrive at your station. I also use it from time to time to catch a train in a opposite direction and get a seat on my train a few stops earlier - for those experienced BART riders, you know what I mean.
This version of the application also has a BART map, which is sometimes helpful. I like to have it handy once in a while, especially when going to airport - then I am trying hard not to miss my stop and not to miss my flight :)
Download it and give it a try!

To download the iBartNow , you will need to open this page in a browser on your OS 5 and OS 6 Blackberry phone and click download link (or button below).

Availbale on BlackBerry World and on Google Play

iBartNow for Blackberry features:

  • Works on most Android phones.
  • Works on most OS 5 and OS 6 blackberry phones (with point and click interface).
  • It's free.
  • Provides the latest train estimated departure times.
  • Has a configurable favorite station screen: one for the morning and one for the evening commute.
  • Provides a BART map.
  • Distributed under popular Apache Version 2.0 license

Screen Shots of the iBartNow

splash screen
Splash Screen
main screen
Main Screen
license screen
License Screen
application icon screen
Application Icon Screen
map screen
Map Screen

We also have a web site that offers the same data as our blackberry application at iBartNow schedule.

Please contact us if you have suggestions or questions about the iBartNow